Online Remote Learning

During school closure our school provided the best possible support in the given circumstances and tried to reach out as much as we could. We were using different methods of communication and provided online remote teaching and learning so that the students could continue with their learning journey.

There were different ways in which students could access learning material:

  • Educational resources available on

The Ministry for Education and Employment has created a resource page on its curricular website where resources and material for each year group and each subject are being made available and freely accessible to all.

  • Educators providing resources directly to their students

Educators have provided educational material and resources to their students. This was being done through either of the following means of communication:

Please make sure that you have the students’ credentials (username and password) for their ilearn account, which is accessible through the wesbite (click on students)

Kindly send us an email on if you do not have the students’ credentials so that we can email them back to you.

Note that on the same link ( you can access the students’ assessments (where applicable) by clicking on ‘Guardians’ for which the e-ID is requested.


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