Green Infrastructure Project

Our school has embarked on a project together with GALmajjistral which forms part of The Majjistral Action Group Foundation representing the north-west areas in Malta, covering a wide section of the rural territory of the Majjistral region representing a wide spectrum of private stakeholders like farmers cooperatives and associations, local NGOs and SMEs.


Through this project, students will be able to learn through first-hand experience about agriculture while at the same time embellishing the school yard. The project will be enhancing our aim of providing more outdoor learning areas to the students and is being developed in two sections:


Area 1: Aquaponic System

The Aquaponic System is an aquacultural system in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.The system is complete with two tanks with fish, a timer, primary and secondary filters, level switches, water pump and vertical wall of approximately 5 metres consisting of a series of parallel pipes fixed to the wall in a horizontal position. A flow of water, regulated by means of a timed water pump is circulated to and from the pipes to the storage water tanks, creating an aquaponic system. Pores within the pipes will house plants, which will eventually provide a green wall.


Area 2: Layered Planters

The setup of a dual layer structure intended to grow various seasonal plants by our Primary School students includes a connected irrigation system and compost/soil substrate in which children can experience hands on gardening.Moreover, a supply round pots terracotta filled with compost, soil and organic fertilizer mix has been provided, together with a number of plants for pots (Ħannewija, Berwieq, Salvia, Sagħtar, Sabbar, Ġiżi, Narċis il-baħar, Fejġel, Silla, Għansar).



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