Vision and Mission

School Vision

At MRC St Paul’s Bay Primary School we support all our learners

in becoming curious, reflective and critical in their thinking

by nurturing in them a love of learning and ambitious life aspirations

to achieve their full potential in an evolving society.

Mission Statement

MRC St Paul’s Bay Primary School aims to provide quality teaching and learning for all our learners to develop holistically and to become confident, independent learners in a safe and supportive environment that is responsive to students’ voice. These will be achieved through:

Teaching and Learning

Through a rich, varied and differentiated curriculum, appropriate to individual needs, we continually strive to achieve the best progress possible for our learners and to maintain high expectations and outcomes for all. 

At MRC St Paul’s Bay Primary School we:

  • are committed to provide relevant, engaging educational experiences emerging from our learners’ interests and beliefs.
  • aim to develop our learners’ curiosity and creativity and to foster and stimulate a spirit of enquiry through our activities.
  • recognise the importance of supporting, caring and valuing our staff and their entitlement to receive innovative, developmental and effective training.


Our learners know that they are valued and respected. Together, we:

  • work hard to see our learners happy, healthy, confident and motivated and attitudes of self-respect, responsibility, independence, resilience and tolerance are promoted and celebrated.
  • continually encourage a strong community spirit.

 Educational Partnerships

·       We value strong, supportive partnerships between home and the school and the wider community, locally and internationally.

·       We believe in the contribution of all our stakeholders to school life and we value the dedication and commitment of all those who have our learners’ well being at heart.

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